Xavi Panneton approaches his craft with a unique perspective delivered by his dynamic history of creating work across many genres. First immersed in the Washington D.C. graffiti scene of the early 90s, Xavi was later a foundational member of the West Coast world of Visionary Art and continues to expand minds as he traverses an evolving aesthetic where traditional design theory meets the uncharted territory of our collective consciousness.

Working primarily in acrylic, aerosol, stencils, and mixed media, Xavi is a visual generalist who wrangles a variety of influences into a single, cohesive whole. His mesmerizing pattern work and alternating use of hard and soft lines evoke meditative states, keeping the viewer grounded in a world of simple beauty. Within this tension, a creative drama unfolds and gives way to a hypnotic presence in his work that’s at once intriguing and familiar on a cellular level.

Xavi’s work is rooted in the notions of vibration and light. Through both imaginary landscapes and masterfully executed compositions of basic shapes, pigments, and patterns inspired by nature, Xavi brings the unseen world of vibrational energy to bear in the visual realm with the intention to connect with the viewer by way of harmonic frequencies.

Working with the principles of polarity and opposites, Xavi is able to adjust the intensity of his compositions and create an orchestral overture in each piece, producing a whole which is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Ancestral influences of indigenous cultures and beliefs are pervasive in Xavi’s work. Here again we find a dynamic tension in his art: Using formal modern design techniques, Xavi incorporates the old and the new–the seen and the unseen–in order to build a unique aesthetic which straddles multiple cultures and historical epochs.

While committed to the lasting tenets of design theory and increasingly influenced by the world of contemporary art, Xavi also brings a certain playfulness to his practice and while his work remains sophisticated, there also exists a refreshing accessibility to everything he produces.

Xavi has created murals and installations across the world and has painted alongside of some of the most well-known electronic artists and psychedelic acts on the planet, leaving a transformational mark on every space and community into which he has been welcomed.