Amanda Sage is an artist using her painting as a tool for spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.

Her paintings represent multidimensional aspects of humanness in harmonious balance, inspiring a re-membering of an energetic inter-connectedness that is present and shared with all things.

Within the genre of Visionary Art, she is best known for exhibiting, performing and teaching trans-generational techniques of seeing through her workshops of ‘Painting with Light’.

Originally from Colorado, she is a contemporary nomad sharing her gifts through the internet, galleries, fashion design and the festival circuit, as well as hosting painting workshops around the world.

She has studio’s in Los Angeles, Vienna and Gunnison, Colorado amongst other annual residencies around the world such as CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) Alex & Allyson Grey’s art sanctuary in New York, the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and Paradise One in Australia.